The Holy Heart of Mary Alumnae Choir (HHMAC), directed by Dr. Valerie Long, was formed in 1999 as part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the opening of the school. Holy Heart of Mary Regional High School was an all female Catholic high school, the largest in eastern Canada. It was operated by the Presentation and Mercy Sisters and has always maintained a very rich history of education in all areas, particularly music, both instrumental and choral. Its reputation, to this day, renowned as one of the best schools in the area. Changes came in 1989 when it accepted males for the first time and in 2002 when it became a public school after government restructuring dismantled the denominational school system in Newfoundland.


HHMAC is a non-auditioned choir, and as such, the only prerequisite is that members are all former students of Holy Heart. We have grown from 30 members in 1999 to the current membership of over 100. The choir's mandate is reflective of the history of the school where the Sisters always strived to enhance the joy of music, to sense it, to teach it, and to perform it. Through benefit performances and guest appearances this renewed joy is evident in the choir members, the director and the very high music caliber of the choir.


We attribute our success and enjoyment as a choir to our director, Dr, Valerie Long, also an alumnus of Holy Heart. Her love of music and passion for teaching are inspiring. Valerie is well known for her expertise with choirs and maintains high standards for each of her performance groups.


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